iTechtStyle Innovation Business Forum®
iTechtStyle Innovation Business Forum® it's an innovation promotion initiative aims at supporting and promoting innovation within the textile & clothing value chain, through the showcase and highlight of innovative products, concepts and ideas, as well as supporting the entrepreneurship spirit. 

The iTechtStyle Forum focuses in dynamiting networking among players of technical and fashion textiles, and clothing and also between those and other players belonging to complementary application sectors, always following a spirit of bringing together ideas, potential investors and stakeholders. 

The iTechStyle Forum will put all efforts in order to "Make it happen" by helping new business ideas, new projects and new concepts to find its way to market success! The ultimate objective is to contribute to the shaping of a brand new textile & clothing industry generation, powered by innovative and high added value products and services.

iTechStyle Innovation Business Forum®, integrates 3 areas which should exceed the boundaries of the textile & clothing sector itself, towards a more intensive contamination of the sector's R&D+Innovation strategies, practices and outputs by product/consumer trends and needs driven within the vast number of application sectors, which offers great market opportunities for innovative and performance textiles and clothing. 

It is a CITEVE's initiative, integrated in the Modtissimo Exhibition developed under the scope of the wide cooperation framework between CITEVE and Selectiva Moda Association. It will have its more visible moment twice a year, precisely during both editions of Modtissimo exhibition, but it will also keep a permanent line of different actions and initiatives, both at national and international level, in order to amplify and strengthen the innovation catalyzer and showcase effect that is attached to the initiative.

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