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The best available technologies controlled by a highly qualified staff are the guarantee of credibility and reliance for CITEVE's TESTING LABORATORIES. This facility performs annually more than 150.000 tests, from which 90% are within a wide scope of accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025, including more than 150 different tests performed in accordance with 250 different standards.

A wide range of products and material testing is available, namely for the control and characterization of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. Installed competence includes a very diverse testing portfolio in areas such as toxicity, comfort, flammability or performance & functionality of technical products.


Beside those areas, environmental testing as well as calibration service for textile testing equipments are also within the scope of this activity. To improve competitive efficiency and develop innovative products and solutions, using always an industry oriented mind, are the main purpose of the TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING area.


In this field, CITEVE is equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies such as hotmelt, coating, laminating, digital printing, 3D knitting, laser welding or seamless knitting. This prototyping technological facility is managed by a specialized technical and scientific staff, with competences in the textile and clothing processes and in the new application markets namely for technical products. This pilot unit is essentially devoted to applied R&D, demonstration / reengineering and for product / process development.


Technology and engineering also includes horizontal technologies like environmental tech., energy management, health and safety and organizational process/system management. This knowledge is based in a specific Department, specialized in those very important competitive factors, which use innovative approaches and technologies in order to minimize the environmental impact of activities and to maximize the process efficiency.

Kooli Aymen

Tunisie Country Manager

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